Best Kept Secret

Meet Laurence & Desiree Finn

In March 2020, Desiree & Laurence travelled to Dubai for a family holiday (last year it was Mexico). Laurence, a successful RFU Rugby Agent with a blossoming business, sadly Covid struck and the blossoming business started to collapse - Rugby was in a terrible predicament and finding players new contracts was going to be impossible.

Laurence & Desiree are exceptionally well travelled, and were forced to look for a new business opportunity & fast.

Speaking to a friend, Laurence stumbled across a successful eight year old business with tens of thousands of happy members - a strong membership base in the Caribbean, France & the French Territories and the USA. But literally a tiny membership in the UK.

Wow, this was exactly what Laurence & Desiree were after, a business that was low cost to get started - a business that will enjoy HUGE growth in the UK during 2021 - and most importantly, a business that offers its members tremendous value ensuring that all members are winners.

For those people who are entrepreneurial, the ability to GET PAID TO TRAVEL THE WORLD

Laurence & Desiree are SEEKING LIKE MINDED PEOPLE - if you love to travel the world, would like to save money on your holidays and learn how to get paid to travel the world - then jump on our VIP ZOOM WEBINAR.